Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Networking Covenant of Mayors - The Baltic Sea Region Covenant Club video

A new video has been produced where several European Mayors express their endorsement to the European Covenant Clubs where cities that have signed up for the Covenant of Mayors can share and discuss their ideas in order to decrease their cities CO2 emissions by 20pct in 2020.

UBC Commission on Environment hosts the Baltic Sea Region Covenant Club. The club consists of an interactive mailing list where questions can be raised and challenges discussed. The BSR Covenant Club also arranges a series of workshop where specific elements of the obligations within the Covenant of Mayors can be discussed in an open forum. Next event will take place in Tallinn on 12 April in relation to the Joint Commission Meeting, where the overall theme is Sustainable Transport.
You are welcome to join the BSR Covenant Club discussion list or contact UBC EnvCom for further information.

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