Monday, September 16, 2013

Gulf of Finland year with an exhibition

One of the newest projects ongoing in the UBC Environment Commission is the creation of an exhibition dedicated for the Gulf of Finland year in 2014. This is the first official trilateral project between Russia, Estonia and Finland and it is hoped that the exhibition will be as visible as possible around the Gulf of Finland.
The project has started with great enthusiasm from all sides. It is fascinating to see what will the end product be like, as the starting point gives great hopes that it will be something else than a poster set. You can follow the process of creating the exhibition through exhibition blog 

Lots of materials unused

The current trend is that after a project finishes, the created materials are not used nor benefitted anymore. In many cases one can’t even find them through search engines, as they are well hidden in the files of the project owners. This is also the case of materials concerning the Gulf of Finland. There are a lot of different organizations that have created quality materials that are not known well-enough. The Gulf of Finland exhibition aims to bring some of these materials into better use by combining them into the exhibition. If you know any materials concerning the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland in particular, please, let us know about it. It is our common interest not to waste resources.

The Gulf of Finland year is coordinated by the Finnish Environment Center. All the events around the year can be found from the official Gulf of Finland site

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