Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Learning about the water footprint with Otty the Otter

In the recent years social media, mobile apps and other forms of digital communication have grown more and more important as part of educating and communicating with the cities and their inhabitants. With this the time had come for us to venture off to game design. A mobile game called Otty the Otter was developed as part of an  environmental education and awareness raising project, “Baltic Sea needs Actions 2012–2013”.

With it’s bright colors and friendly otter character the game is aiming to teach kids about the water footprint by the means of play. In the game Otty the Otter adventures between Turku and St Petersburg on his red kick bike. The goal is to use as little water as possible while also collecting food items in order to keep up his energy. Without understanding the balance between these items it is not possible to finish the game as Otty will run out of energy and just fall asleep on his tracks. 

Otty will be available for multiple platforms, both desktop and mobile.
Downoads: http://www.ubc-environment.net/index.php/main:game_otty

The game is developed by the Union of the Baltic Cities, Commission on Environment Secretariat. The game developers: Stella Aaltonen, Graphics: Sari Sariola, Code: Kaj-Michael Lang.

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