Monday, October 22, 2012

Campaign Launch: A world you like. With a Climate you like

A world you like. With a climate you like.

A new campaign to promote climate action and a low carbon economy was launched in the beginning of October 2012 in London City Hall. Private and public sector representatives were invited to launch the campaign and discuss visions for a World you like. With a climate you like. The purpose of the campaign is to highlight, not only the urgent need, but also existing good ideas and practices in lowering our use of Carbon dioxides and other Green-house Gases.

The campaign includes five themes related to climate actions: Travel and transport, Producing & Innovating, Building and Living, Shopping and Eating, Re-use & Recycling. Through the campaign website and the campaign's Facebook page you can discuss Europe's low-carbon future with other Europeans including Connie Hedegaard, European Commissioner for Climate Action.  

© European Union, 1995-2012

On the campaign website 27 short videos inspire with practical examples to tackle climate change locally and make a change towards a low carbon Europe. Just like the UBC best practice database, it is intended to inspire and present front-runners and innovative solutions. Later on it will be possible to submit projects and show your action towards climate change and work towards a world you like with a climate you like. From the UBC Environmental Commission we in encourage all our member cities to prepare inputs for this campaign and, as our growing database shows, the Baltic Sea Region had plenty of good examples to show to the rest of Europe.

Picture: Creative illustrations were made on the spot inspired by the panel discussions. © European Union, 1995-2012

Author: Jeppe Mikel Jensen

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