Friday, July 01, 2011

For the Baltic Sea by dreaming?

Decision makers and funding organisations often argue scarce financial resources as the reason for not placing more monetary support in saving the Baltic Sea. The same reason seems to appear in any difficultly solved issue, which is fairly understandable as priorities have been set and some get more than others, right? Is it still time for us to shrug our shoulders and stop dreaming of a, perhaps, more mindful prioritising of finances? Some call the young adults of today “the world saving generation”. We did grow up together with Walt Disney, surrounded by his animations and messages. “If you can dream it, you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse”.

The Baltic Sea Portal communicates about the Baltic Sea event held during the Kotka Maritime Festival the 28.7.2011. Experts from different fields are gathered to the event, to create visions about a better future for the Baltic Sea given the assumption that everything was possible. Visitors can collect information and understanding of the current situation of our sea, or embark to the maritime research vessel Aranda. In the slightly unconventional discussion, Baltic Sea researchers, experts in maritime traffic and oil destruction activities, as well as representatives from Helsinki, Kotka and St. Petersburg waterworks will be asked the question What would You do for the Baltic Sea if everything was possible?

The HELCOM Secretary General will be speaking out with a common voice for the coastal states. In addition there will be enterprises, foundations and civic organizations working for the Baltic Sea giving their viewpoints. A local fisherman will send his regards directly from the sea and the Baltic Sea Ambassadors will transmit thoughts and ideas of Finnish and Russian pupils. The public can discuss issues concerning the Baltic Sea and send its regards to the decision makers by ballots. Consider that monetary funding is no concern; the audience will certainly have brilliant ideas as well. Due to limited space, registration for the seminar should be done within 21.7.2011 on Kotka Maritime Research Centre website.

As every citizen is obliged to vote, everybody should be obliged to dream. Dreaming would be exercised in everyday life for a common cause; the theme would be up to every individual. Events like the Kotka Maritime Festival, would be organized, where rich ideas and motivation would be nourished and inspiration spread for dreaming and acting.

What would I do for the Baltic Sea if everything was possible? A Baltic Sea discussion with program 28.7. kello 13.00 – 16.30 Kotka Maritime Festival

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Picture source: City of Turku/ Olli Sulin

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