Wednesday, May 04, 2011

BSR network

Baltic Sea Region (BSR) is rich and diverse. For years the BSR has been analyzed to identify the success factors of the sustainable development in it. In this blog we will be raising some of the success and unsuccessful factors in the BSR in order to add more value to the region.

Network has been a key word used by many over the past years. BSR has been especially successful in creating a variety of networks. From this perspective, we could be even more dynamic and advanced then we are today. The reason for not yet reaching the most out of our existing structures is that the majority of the networks are mostly just mailing lists with very little discussion and listening between each other.

There is a saying that teams are as strong as the weakest link in them. This is also true when talking about networks. Without the true team play, the network will eventually diminish to be only a club with few members.

We want the sustainability issues to progress faster and therefore ask for active participation on all levels so that the all of our actions will bare results in our organizations. This is also the reason behind this blog!

Stella Aaltonen

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